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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vintage Simplicity Pattern + Vintage Wool Fabric = Totally Bitchin' Shirt

And the pattern is Swinging Hipster all the way. 
Even the instructions are OLD.
These guys need a cigarette.
 Seriously, could it BE any cooler?  I chose view 2 for Big Daddy (and because I didn't want to futz with the sleeves or creepy hip pockets).  I had some vintage wool with a few moth ho---  er, with some character and got cutting.  Not without help, natch.
You're doing it wrong.
I'm hiding.
 And thank goodness for all that coaching!
First time I've ever sewn a men's shirt, first time with this pattern, first time with this fabric and first time making something for Big Daddy that wasn't angry mending (more on that in a future post).

And it doesn't suck!
Detail at collar, also omitted button & loop closure.
Love the lining.  So retro.
The instructions were VERY difficult for me to decipher due to previously stated limitations.  When I wanted to cry, I got up, walked away and reminded myself, "It's a SHIRT, for fuck's sake.  CHILDREN in BANGLADESH sew them by the THOUSANDS."  And I'd come back, tears drying and hope renewed.
Here's the side all pretty.  The front is slightly shorter for whatever reason justifies it. 
The back looks nice too.
Plus, the coaching.
Sew....   Tired.......

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Butterick Retro Pattern Orgasm

Joann's had Butterick patterns on sale for $1 from Aug 22-24.  I went absolutely NUTS for the Retro line.  As a big girl, these patterns are very pricey ($20 each!) and not in the usual catalogues.  So, at any opportunity, I grab them like a shrieking fishwife at a fire sale. 
Such beauty and elegance!  And such amazing possibilities!
And in sizes I can actually wear and use.  I'm so excited for the mash-up possibilities, the color blocking and fabric blending, the mind BOGGLES.  Or bottles, if you're a Blades of Glory fan.  And I AM. 
Because these are Retro (as opposed to Vintage), I'm much less hesitant to cut on them and tape pieces together.  But I do have an awesome hipster shirt in the works that will KILL.  

More on that later.  For now, revel in the Retro lusciousness with me.  And Dream...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Fire Truck Pillow Stuffie

Sweet Baby Mitchell is turning 1 year old very soon and I asked his lovely momma what he's into right now.  Because the life of a toddler is imminently changeable, I was thrilled when she said, "Trucks." 
TRUCKS?  I can do that!  So I got out my fleece and felt and got to work. I free-handed the shape with my rotary cutter.  Then I started cutting felt...
The wheels needed something.  But I love how it all looks. 
I pinned the CRAP out of it.  Added an axe, because if you're gonna get a toy from me it's GONNA have an axe on it.  I guess.  Zigzagged all around every piece for safety. 
And here it is all stuffed and pretty.  How cool is that? And it definitely passed muster with the Tweedles.
And the hose is so neat!
Did some ladder loops.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby!  We love you so much!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

London Underground Tea Towel Tote

Because a tote with an accent is even smarter...
It's a London Underground tea towel tote!  Actually from London, my mom brought this back from one of their trips across the pond.  Well, she brought the TOWEL back.  I made the tote!

The pleated pockets in front are from the very top of the towel.  I cut off the logos and made little pockets for stuffs because it was too cool to throw away.  The lining is the whole reason for the bag in the first place.
CROWNS!! I KNOW!  How much more perfect could it be?  And this little remnant of Joann's lining makes this tote so very bitchin'.

The back is just as cool...
That's what became the pockets on the front.  The straps are leftover nylon webbing from another project.  I just love it and people never fail to ask me about it.  

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's CURTAINS for Prima!

New curtains, natch.  Those mini-blinds weren't doing anything for anyone and she needed some color in her room.  So, we went to my fabric closet and she picked some great stuff.
BRIGHT.  I'm pretty sure this is that the inside of Prima's head looks like.  This and Hello Kitty.  I doubled the panels for opacity and just sewed selvages together. 
I top-stitched each tier to make it look more finished and the ruffle is significant.  I knew I nailed it when Prima said, "And when I'm tired of them for curtains, we can make them into a dress, right?"

Oh Scarlet, you're a girl after my own heart.  Your Rhett won't know what hit him.  I love you.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"You can do that, right Mom?"

Um...  Sure.  Sure I can. 
You certainly seem to think so, anyway.  So let's see if you're right.
We have a geriatric dove named Gracie who dutifully lays eggs for us every two weeks or so.  The fairies are fascinated with her as she has been a fixture for them their whole lives.  They are rarely allowed to handle her and love her from afar.  Secunda took my design notebook this morning and drew up a little sketch of her Gracie.  And then the question:  "You can do that, right Mom?"

I looked up to Big Daddy grinning at me.  "Right, Mom?" he asked. 

Umm... Sure.  Sure I can.  Because I love you so much, I will risk failure.  And disappointing you.  So here goes.
Here's the preliminary sketch Secunda approved (and Tertia was nice enough to put her own name on it).  I wanted to just use some muslin and Secunda chose the buttons. 
Buttons for beak, eyes, and wings. Chosen by the artist.  There's even a Gracie feather in the shot!
I wanted the wings to button on and off, just to make it more interesting.  I free-handed the whole thing and got it completed in about 45 minutes. 
Nothing fancy, but made with so much love. 
How could I say no to those eyes? 
And this Gracie can PLAY!!  Yaaaays!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Selfish Sewing, Part 1

Yay, selfish sewing!  I've been rounding up projects, finishing little things and making some others and I was ready for something new for myself.  Big Daddy reconned some absolutely GORGEOUS knit from a garage sale for me and inspiration smacked me in the gob.

New dress for Momma.  Like, right now.
So pretty.  And even close up...

I did the back in the contrast knit because I just couldn't squeak out the back bodice from the fantastic ikat knit.  I'm thrilled with the way it turned out and it feels absolutely wonderful on. 
The pattern was a simple McCall's. The gathers in the front and back are very flattering and, if Big Daddy can be trusted to give an honest opinion where my feelings are concerned, it looks as good as it feels.
I am definitely making this again in anything I can find.  The possibilities are endless and I can whip one of these out in a day.  Plus, the Pretty.

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