Ever been frustrated enough to "kill" your project? Then you've contemplated SEWICIDE.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Iced Cinnamon Roll Entrails - a DIY of sorts

Because I fucked the cinnamon rolls.  Hard.

As always, the expectation:

And the reality:

The mistakes were many and all my own.  What was edible was delicious.  They smelled heavenly and the girls were obsessed...  But not so much after they saw them...  Well, Secunda was on board, but she's awesome like that.

Best big sis ever.  We love her so much.
There were lots of words and instructions on the back of the bag, all of which I ignored.  I was prepared for disaster, so I used my Gross Cookie Sheet.  But I was not prepared for THIS.  As a comparison:
Live, and learn to read the directions COMPLETELY.

Friday, December 13, 2013

So I "Made" Some "Jewelry"... And it doesn't suck.

And by "made", I mean "wrapped some wire around it" and by "jewelry" I mean "rocks the girls found in a drawer."
I've never wrapped anything before, so I didn't know I couldn't do it.  I found out, though.
Inline image 1
The agates are from Montana, I think.  They are really beautiful when they aren't terribly photographed and covered with greasy fingerprints (mine).  Here's the back:
Inline image 1

It's a hot mess.  But the girls don't care and new pretties are ALWAYS good.  They go in order, Prima's is the dark one, Secunda's is the pretty orange one and Tertia wanted the white one.  I just used some yarn to string them.  I have a friend (ANDIE!!) who actually went to SCHOOL to be craftier than the rest of us.  I haven't decided whether to send the pic to her...  

I was terrified to try it and it doesn't suck.  I'm putting this down as a "win". 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I fucked the fudge.

Fucked it right to hell.  
I was making it and got distracted (I know, how does that HAPPEN?) and put in too many marshmallows.  So it's fucked. 
Not just fucked, I found out, but ANGRY.  We were mocking it in the kitchen, you know, poking it with a fork and laughing...  This is where the freaky deaky music starts...

This fork had been standing up.  I went to mess with the brood and came back to this...  
 Inline image 1
Then it. Just. Got. Worse.
Inline image 1
IT WAS ANGRY.  And eating the FORK!  I was afraid to try to retrieve it, so we just watched it go... sniff..
Inline image 2
Bye, fork.  sob.  We had (choke) a good run...
Inline image 3
It's gonna be ok.  It's in a better place. 
Funeral and service on Wednesday.  (sniff) Bring a dish.