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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I fucked the fudge.

Fucked it right to hell.  
I was making it and got distracted (I know, how does that HAPPEN?) and put in too many marshmallows.  So it's fucked. 
Not just fucked, I found out, but ANGRY.  We were mocking it in the kitchen, you know, poking it with a fork and laughing...  This is where the freaky deaky music starts...

This fork had been standing up.  I went to mess with the brood and came back to this...  
 Inline image 1
Then it. Just. Got. Worse.
Inline image 1
IT WAS ANGRY.  And eating the FORK!  I was afraid to try to retrieve it, so we just watched it go... sniff..
Inline image 2
Bye, fork.  sob.  We had (choke) a good run...
Inline image 3
It's gonna be ok.  It's in a better place. 
Funeral and service on Wednesday.  (sniff) Bring a dish.