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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pinterest Paper Plate Owl Awesome Sauce

Yeah, we fucking did.  Paper plate owls are ALL OVER Pinterest, so I said "Let's jump on that wagon, girlies!"  Well, sort of.  Actually I said, "Who wants to make paper plate owls?" and they were sold.  I went through my little scrap bin...
This bin makes me happy for some reason.
 And cut some wing-y goodness...
Small and big for the layering fun.
We headed outside for the painting...

Most of which actually made it on to the plates.  YAY!
Can I craft yet, Mom?  Almost, sweet baby.  Almost.
I got the supplies together while the paint congealed and we set to work.  Lots of glue, design, eyes, wing options, etc!  When we finally completed our owls for the final time, for REAL, we had this:
Tertia needed one more eye, for some reason.
Prima OWNED this craft!
Secunda also nailed it.
And mine.  I LOVE doing crafts with the girlies!