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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"You can do that, right Mom?"

Um...  Sure.  Sure I can. 
You certainly seem to think so, anyway.  So let's see if you're right.
We have a geriatric dove named Gracie who dutifully lays eggs for us every two weeks or so.  The fairies are fascinated with her as she has been a fixture for them their whole lives.  They are rarely allowed to handle her and love her from afar.  Secunda took my design notebook this morning and drew up a little sketch of her Gracie.  And then the question:  "You can do that, right Mom?"

I looked up to Big Daddy grinning at me.  "Right, Mom?" he asked. 

Umm... Sure.  Sure I can.  Because I love you so much, I will risk failure.  And disappointing you.  So here goes.
Here's the preliminary sketch Secunda approved (and Tertia was nice enough to put her own name on it).  I wanted to just use some muslin and Secunda chose the buttons. 
Buttons for beak, eyes, and wings. Chosen by the artist.  There's even a Gracie feather in the shot!
I wanted the wings to button on and off, just to make it more interesting.  I free-handed the whole thing and got it completed in about 45 minutes. 
Nothing fancy, but made with so much love. 
How could I say no to those eyes? 
And this Gracie can PLAY!!  Yaaaays!!