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Friday, August 23, 2013

Fire Truck Pillow Stuffie

Sweet Baby Mitchell is turning 1 year old very soon and I asked his lovely momma what he's into right now.  Because the life of a toddler is imminently changeable, I was thrilled when she said, "Trucks." 
TRUCKS?  I can do that!  So I got out my fleece and felt and got to work. I free-handed the shape with my rotary cutter.  Then I started cutting felt...
The wheels needed something.  But I love how it all looks. 
I pinned the CRAP out of it.  Added an axe, because if you're gonna get a toy from me it's GONNA have an axe on it.  I guess.  Zigzagged all around every piece for safety. 
And here it is all stuffed and pretty.  How cool is that? And it definitely passed muster with the Tweedles.
And the hose is so neat!
Did some ladder loops.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby!  We love you so much!

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