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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pinterest FAIL -or- Fuck Apple Ring Pancakes

I love Pinterest.  I really do.  It has made me a better mom, a more courageous artist, a funnier cynic, a more creative teacher.  So, I find cool ideas to try for the kiddos that are simple and appealing to the under-6 set.  I was absolutely entranced with the idea of these beautiful Apple Ring Pancakes from Gone Walkabout.
Beautiful. And not mine.
And I love Fails.  Of every kind.  Mine, yours, theirs.  I'm especially pleased when the fails are so epic, the attempts so sincere, and the perpetrator so able to laugh at themselves that it gets posted somewhere.  Like here, for instance.

Without further denial, here is my Apple Ring Debacle:
Fantastic.  Stuck all to shit on my non-stick griddle that used to be my best friend.  Used the recipe from Joy of Cooking for pancakes and the batter was luscious.  But fuck apple rings.  Fuck them right to hell.

And to prove I can actually cook at the level of a prison inmate, I made a jillion silver dollar cakes for everyone.
With powdered sugar instead of syrup because syrup is gross.  And I'm gonna post the shit out of this because it's just so sad.  And HILARIOUS.