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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Phobia

As previously discussed in my blog post here, I accept gifts in giant containers.  When the sweeties Aunties came by bearing crafty stuffs, I FREAKED.  I really did.  Partly because the way to my heart is either mustache-related shenanigans or craft supplies.
Secunda feels the same way.
I'm terrified of zippers.  I've made at least 100 bags and totes, all of them zipper-less.  I have a phobia of sewing with them, inserting them, looking at them...  I guess the universe felt it was time to kick me in the ass.  Again.

Auntie Sherri brought a Giant Bag of Zippers.  Not only was it a giant bag, but each zipper color was separated into its' own bag!  I know.  Ratcheting up the awesome.

Here's the brown and blue zippers.  There are metal, plastic, polyester, invisible, everything.
The red ones are awesome and turquoise?  Really?  These were salvaged from some antique clothes (you can open the bags and smell the Old).  I just love it.
Coral.  And LAVENDER.  And CORAL!  I know, I know.  I'm absolutely tickled. 
So, these are just incredible.  Now I have to grow, confront my phobia of failure, and get over my bullshit.  SO much harder than learning to sew with zippers.
With all the bags and bundles, there was even a stack still in the packaging.  One of the packages said 1974! Old as me... Sigh.  So...  What do I do with all this goodness?  Two words:  ZIPPER.  POUCHES.

And this is pretty much how I feel about the whole thing.