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Monday, July 22, 2013

Vintage Fabric Orgasm

Because I am a normal girl, I accept tokens of affection.  In. Giant. Boxes.

This is a giant box of VINTAGE FABRIC.  I'm geeking out because the previous owner of this fabric died in 1974.  I just about laid it all out and rolled in it naked.  The linens, oh my god, the linens.  I found these two complimenting fabrics, a retro pattern I scored someplace, and GOT TO WORK.
 It took me all day, what with the momming and such.  But I'm absolutely thrilled with the results.  I love it, I love how it feels on, I love the fabric.
The skirt is a true circle and it's ALL ONE PIECE.  Goes over like an apron, ties in the back (underneath) and i added the bows in the front.  It calls for snaps, but I wanted bows.
 It's just bias tape.  The bodice section is a little long for me, hence the flaps at the shoulders.  I cut the upper back on the bias for fun.

I'm a big girl and I love this pattern for ease and the ability to customize everything...  I'm literally shaking with anticipation to make more stuff for me and my loves...

So more fabric inappropriateness very soon!!