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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Easy Kid's Sewing Project!

Come one, come all!!

This is an awesome sewing project for beginners or experts.  Not only do I love how it turned out (and I'm psyched about the possibilities), but Prima did 95% of it with her own little 5-yr-old hands.  Plus, what else can you do with 100 feet of clothesline?  Remember, this is a family show so keep it clean. ;)
I started it for her by winding a little bit and zig-zagging it.  It was 3/8" rope, easy to fit under the foot of my machine.  I used pink thread so she could see it (plus, PINK) and she sat there for hours turning... turning... turning...
Finally we got to the end and I whipped out the handles.  Sorry for the crappy photo.  I barely got it taken (with my phone, no less) before she was out the door waving it at her sisters. 
There are tuts all over the web and we are definitely doing this again.  Loved the craft, love the usefulness, love that Prima is so very proud of it.  It's a Win all the way around.
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