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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crafteriffic Crap-a-Roonie 1


This was so fun and an excellent lesson in what too many choices can do to playtime.  I used a fantastic and easy recipe found here from The Imagination Tree.  It cooked up just like she said and it was EASY.  For REAL.  

Prima helped the whole time and mixed all the colors too.
 Lots of bowls of really cool colors.  I was THRILLED with the results.

I sent everyone outside and plopped the paint on paper and let them have at it.  The weirdest thing happened: 
No one wanted to touch it.  They are used to two colors, maybe three and I went a little nuts with the variety.  Totally overwhelmed the poor things.  I ended up putting most of it back in zipper bags for later. 

Good lesson for me on how Minimalism as a philosophy has impacted the wee ones.  I'm proud of them for feeling slightly uncomfortable with all the excess.