Ever been frustrated enough to "kill" your project? Then you've contemplated SEWICIDE.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Letters and tape and paint, oh my!

So it seems all my best and messiest projects begin with a muffin tin full of paints.  We were generously given some amazing homeschool activities from a recent friend (whom I'd like to adopt as my honorary grammy for lots more reasons) and I decided to try the painting letters one.  It was our Science/Reading day, so this tied in nicely.

I got out my never-ending stack of paper plates and some masking tape.  I drew the letters on the plates and showed the fairies how to cover them with tape.   I cut up some old sponges for the smearing/stamping/free-for-all and let them have at it.
 All three had a fantastic time smooshing the sponges in the paint, but Secunda was TRANSFIXED.  She's very sensory without the (occasionally) concomitant behaviour issues.

So we spent the morning stamping away...  And had a great time.  Plus LEARNING.  Thanks, faeries!