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Monday, October 14, 2013

Superhero Capes are for Every Day! (Fuck you, Halloween.)

The Tweedles love love love super hero ANYTHING.  The suits, the gadgets, the adventure, the CAPES!  So when I had some coupons from Joanns, we went to pick out fabric.  Well, THEY picked out fabric.  And such awesome fabric it was...
Stars for Secunda for her Wonder Woman cape and fireworks for Tertia.  The polyester satin lining was in the clearance section for roughly $2.50/yd, I already had the thread and bias tape.  Not only did I get these made on the cheap, they only took about 45 mins each.  I KNOW.
Tertia's fireworks.
Secunda's WW stars.
I sewed these like the easiest project ever:  
  1. Right sides together, sew perimeter leaving neck open.  (If you need a photo for this, I'm sorry!)
  2. Turn out, iron.
  3.  Fold over casing for tie, iron.
  4. Sew casing, then topstich entire cape.
  5. Thread bias tape tie, anchor in place thusly:
    Then GO GO GO!!!
I really eyeballed it, freehanded the shape with an entire yard of fabric and just cut to fit the available material.  I laid the cape and lining on top of each other so it was an exact fit.  Really simple, really fun.  I wish I could have gotten action shots, but the entire house has the Plague of the Cranks.

So, yay capes, fuck halloween (and apple ring pancakes) and rednecks at pumpkin patches.  You know who you are.
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