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Thursday, September 26, 2013

What the Eff, People? Where Ya' Been?

Two weeks since the last post?  Really?

Yeah.  We've been Going Through Some Stuff with the fam and all seems to be working out.  There really was no option. 
Prima turned 6 recently so we got to do the Morning Birthday Surprises, Yay!  The Tweedles have their birthday around Thanksgiving, so Prima gets to be first in this too.  Our holiday schedule is nuts:  Prima's birthday, Big Daddy's birthday, Halloween, Tweedle birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, (some time here) Valentine's Day, my birthday.  It seems fast and furious when you have to do the Mom thing too. 
Chewing on your sisters is a major part of Jr's day. 
Plus we do our makeup.  Well, I didn't do this to MYSELF. 
My stylists take excellent care of me.  I'm so Fancy.
Plus the Napping.
And we have some secret truths. 
The love that dare not speak it's name.