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Friday, September 13, 2013

Selfish Sewing Part 2 - Winter of Comfort 1

And a new long tunic for me!  Yaaaays!  So from this super-easy Burda pattern I found on sale at Joann's for $2.49 (I went nuts and got a ton), I made myself a lovely long something to wear.
Seriously, super easy.  And I had some beautiful vintage fabric that was screaming for a simple minimalist aesthetic, on account of the paisley.  Since winter is hard on the more voluptuous set (it's always so fucking hot everywhere.  Who said 74 is reasonable?  FUCK.) and everything I love is at least $85, I decided to make myself some winter clothes.

Simple, comfortable, long tunics for leggings and boots in fabric I love and exactly my size and proportions.  Really, what's the issue?  So, as my first project I made this!
Belted with a ribbon for now.
Please ignore my crafting crap in the background.  But SO PRETTY.  I cut the sleeves on the bias for fun.  The hem is a high-low:
And sewed with a tight zigzag to make it wavy.  The shoulders were way too big, so I added a pleat.  Just did it on the fly, but it doesn't suck.
Just folded over an inch and sewed down each side 3 inches.  Then top-stitched the shoulder to make it look intentional. 
I just love the delicate neckline.  And the fabric is amazing.  Thanks, Big Daddy for scoring this little gem for me!!  With a skinny brown belt, pumpkin leggings and boots this outfit will be in heavy rotation this winter.

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