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Friday, September 6, 2013

Personalized Field Bags

From Jeans!

I hemmed some shorts - well, I hacked off two pairs of jeans - and couldn't possibly throw all that POTENTIAL away.  So I hoarded them until inspiration smacked me in the gob.  And, boy howdy, it did.

The girls were allowed to choose the fabric for their straps.  I just laid out choices and they browsed, negotiated, and bargained until each got what I wanted them to have.  Because that's how I do it.  

I cut each bag from one pant leg.  I eyeballed the flaps because it's jeans ferchrissakes.  Each bag was finished with my most favorite sewing item, red bias tape.  I didn't even change the thread to sew the bottom.  I still love them. 
 Prima chose for her strap a really cute yellow floral.  Lots of pink, lavender, and white.  So she got a flower painted on hers. 
 Secunda chose Cat in the Hat.  Which is just so cool.  She doesn't even know yet how cool it is.  So she got a hat in the signature colors and style of her favorite literary cat.
Tertia wanted red.  And pink.  And orange.  And bubbles.  I got it.

Love you brave, scientific, smart, curious, honest, crazy, real girls.  Let's go play in the dirt!
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