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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Waldorf-Inspired Dance Rings DIY (Plus FREE)

So, I came across a fantastic post here at babble.com about the awesome dance rings that just make every movement magical.  I had a ton of ribbon that was just languishing in my craft mess cabinet and scored a GIANT BAG of yarn at the Goodwill for winter projects.
You can't see the price, but that's $9.99.  SCORE.
I'd picked up some brass rings for some reason a while ago, also from a thrift shop.
There's not one, but two flasks in that bin.  Speaks volumes.
And promptly set the fairies to making a huge mess.
We wrapped the rings just like in the post, super simple and the Tweedles could manage with a little help from Prima.
Then jazzed them up with some yarn. 
Tertia immediately went ninja with hers.
The cats are very interested.
And it was so very awesome to see the Fun.
We are ready at any time for joyful dancing.  It's an excellent transition tool for them and a great way to blow off some energy on these long, rainy days.
Happy Prima.
We managed all of this for free with supplies on hand.  The price was right and it was totally worth the small effort to get the giant payoff.  I love you, girls.

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