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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Auntie Lynnie's Windbreaker Redux

Our Auntie Lynnie is very petite.  Very petite.  She's a powerhouse in a half-pint jar, retired from fighting the bad guys while raising two kids and generally being an amazing person.  So, when she asked me to alter her Traffic Team windbreaker, I said hells yeah. 
This is the finished product.
She didn't care about some stuff, like a working zipper, that made my job infinitely easier.  Plus, no elastic cuffs on the sleeves, either.  YAYS!  But it was way too long and needed about 8 inches cut off.  Eeesh.
I did shiny hooks for closures and kept the zipper.  It looks cooler than I thought it would!  For the bottom, I REALLY wanted to avoid the home-done look, so I hemmed it the same way I hem jeans:
Sort of.  I folded it under and sewed it to keep the cool drawstring detail.  Then, I trimmed the seam and zigzagged the edges down.  She didn't care about pockets either, on account of all the pockets on her uniform.
 Here's the inside:

 Aaaaaand, the back.  Nice and even, clean looking and not home-altered.
Now she can do her super-hero thing and feel comfy and put-together.  Because she is an awesome soul who deserves all the good things she can possibly wrap her head around.  We think she's pretty neat.  And I'm proud I could do this small thing for her.