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Monday, August 5, 2013

Multi-Grain Cheerio crispy treats

OK, so everyone else probably already figured this one out.  But it just hit me recently that the basis of the whole Rice Krispie Treat dogma CAN BE CHANGED.  I know, but it took me a while.  Like, 35 years, in fact.  So because the fairies love the gooey treat so much, I had to make some concessions.  Number one, try to make them less irredeemable.  So, I grabbed a box or Multi-Grain Cheerios, a bag of marshmooters, and went to work. 

What I achieved thrilled me way out of proportion to the actual accomplishment. 
 Plus, they are just so pretty.  The fairies love them and really feel like they are getting a DESSERT.  I love that I can sneak in some grains (wrapped in gossamer threads of Spaz Fairy Dust).  Since they don't get soda or chocolate or packaged candy or anything like that, this is a Big Deal. 
Big Daddy cleared out about half the pan after work this week.  These are gonna be in heavy rotation for the summer.  What do you put in your crispy-treat goodness?